Wuxi rail transit


Wuxi rail transit is the rail transit system of Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, which is constructed and operated by Wuxi Metro Group Co., Ltd. On July 1, 2014, Wuxi Rail Transit Line 1 was officially put into trial operation, with a total length of 29.42 km and 24 stations. Wuxi became the fourth city under the jurisdiction of a non provincial capital with its own subway after Shenzhen, Suzhou and Ningbo. Project application: 110kV traction transformer product description: low loss: the no-load loss is 10-20% lower than the national standard gb6451-2015, and the load loss is 5% lower than the current national standard gb6451-2015. Low noise: the self cooling noise level will reach below 60dB, which is nearly 20dB lower than the national standard. Users have special requirements, can also design and manufacture special low noise level. Low partial discharge: for the 110kV production task, the company specially introduces the modern enterprise management mode. The whole process of 110kV products will be dust-free operation, the internal metal parts and insulation parts of the body will be original, and the partial discharge capacity will be controlled below 100pc. Strong anti short circuit ability: 110kV transformer has passed the national certification. Ensure that none of the products is damaged due to sudden short circuit, and the reliability is very strong. Beautiful appearance: full polishing and derusting, powder electric spray paint can achieve the effect of home appliance spray paint, wide chip radiator, never fade. No leakage: all seals are made of acrylic materials, and one-time molding technology is adopted. There is no interface. We solemnly promise that there will be no leakage. Service conditions: it is conducive to meet the distribution network with high load rate under high temperature in summer and places with impact load and continuous overload requirements, such as iron and steel, metallurgical industry, railway transportation, power plant, hydropower station, etc.

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