CEG enclosed bus duct

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CEG enclosed bus duct






Features 1. This series of enclosed bus duct adopts bellows expansion joint, which is easy to install, and can realize the adjustment of two degrees of freedom in horizontal and vertical directions. It can not only meet the expansion requirements caused by different temperature drop, thermal expansion and cold contraction, but also compensate the error caused by foundation settlement, so as to solve the problem of poor protection level and difficult installation of traditional sliding plate expansion device, The disadvantage of unreliable operation. 2. In order to solve the negative impact of the vibration of transformer, generator and distribution cabinet on the enclosed bus, the soft connection or copper braided belt is used outside the connection with the enclosed bus, and the rubber pad is added between the shells to reduce the vibration. For the enclosed bus duct body, the shock absorber is installed in the system to realize the elastic support for the porcelain flat and conductive bar, It can avoid the damage to the enclosed bus caused by mechanical vibration and seismic wave. The heat transfer of enclosed bus duct mainly depends on heat radiation. In order to make good use of heat radiation, light gray paint is sprayed on the outer surface of enclosed bus to reduce the absorption of visible light; black paint is sprayed on the inner surface of enclosed bus to enhance the radiation of internal heat on the shell and prevent corona. In order to avoid accidental condensation caused by outdoor and indoor temperature changes in winter, through wall bushing is set at the through wall to completely isolate outdoor and indoor enclosed bus; In vertical installation, the flange is inside, and in horizontal installation, the flange is outside. Technical parameter 1. Insulation resistance the insulation resistance of each section of enclosed bus unit shall be greater than or equal to 100m Ω  2500V megohmmeter. 2. The dielectric strength of each section of enclosed bus is subject to one minute power frequency dry test and withstand voltage test before leaving the factory. 3. Power frequency withstand voltage and lightning impulse withstand voltage meet the national standard. 4. The grounding system meets the requirements of iec364-5-54. 5. Indoor type IP40: outdoor type IP43, IP55. 6. The load performance is under rated current, and the temperature rise of the shell meets the requirements of gb763-90 "heating of AC high voltage electrical apparatus during long-term operation". Application of CEG enclosed bus duct system        CEG enclosed bus duct is suitable for power supply system with AC 50 ~ 60Hz, voltage 3.6-35kv and rated current 400 ~ 6300A. For details of bus duct, please click. PDF

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