Wind power substation

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Wind power substation






Product category: product center box type substation Series Product Description: professional design, safe and reliable, diverse structure, strong weatherability; Adapt to the local climate and environment; Energy saving, environmental protection, safety and reliability. Product introduction:     YBF series wind power substation is a special equipment for grid connected output after the voltage of 0.6-0.69kv generated by wind power generator sets is raised to 10kV or 35kV. It is a new product specially designed for wind power generation by our company, which absorbs the experience of European and American wind power generation and combines the actual situation and current situation of domestic wind power generation. Its appearance adapts to the trend of building wind farms nationwide, and is the best supporting product of wind power generation system. Performance features: good sealing performance, good sealing performance, wind and sand, salt fog, rain and snow. Advanced electric spraying technology, advanced electric spraying technology, the shell is not easy to rust and fade. The shell has strong environmental adaptability. The shell can be made of a variety of materials. It can be selected according to different environments. It has the advantages of good environmental adaptability, beautiful appearance and coordination with wind scene. Intelligent control can implement intelligent control, which can be controlled locally and monitored remotely to realize four remote functions. The natural ventilation box transformer is equipped with sufficient natural ventilation and heat insulation measures. When the ambient temperature is 40 ℃, the forced ventilation is started to ensure the normal operation of the step-up transformer.   Service conditions: altitude ≤ 2000m, maximum ambient temperature + 40 ℃, indoor minimum ambient temperature - 40 ℃, daily average humidity no more than 95%, monthly average no more than 90%. It is installed in the place without fire, explosion, serious pollution, chemical corrosion and violent vibration. Classic case:

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