Offshore platform transformer

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Offshore platform transformer






Product category: Product Center dry type transformer series product description: super insulation, anti vibration, anti vibration and environmental protection; The protection level is high, reaching IP44; High insulation grade and strong overload capacity. Product introduction: the marine (offshore platform) transformer produced by our company is dry type self cooling (air cooling) transformer, which can be used as power supply, lighting and isolation equipment in power grid; The insulation level can be divided into B, F and H levels; The capacity of marine low voltage transformer is 2000kVA and below, and the voltage level is 1kV and below. The capacity of marine heavy pressure and offshore platform transformer is 8000kVA and below, and the voltage level is 10kV and below. The company has strong technical force, can design and produce a variety of special specifications of products according to customer requirements.   Performance features: modular cabinet, modular disassembly cabinet, easy and fast installation.   The structure of through screw is adopted to reduce the noise, and the effect is obvious. The coil with special technology is dipped with paint for many times, and the electrical and mechanical connection parts adopt special technology to enhance the "three proofing" performance. forty-five ° The core material of cold-rolled silicon steel sheet is high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, 45 ° It's all obliquely stacked. The stuffing box of the stuffing box transformer is provided with a stuffing box for the cable in and out. The stuffing box is set on the left or right side. The incoming and outgoing mode of 500KVA and above transformer is generally down in and down out, and the cable hole is set on the transformer base, and the device for preventing the cable scratch and fixing the cable is used. Service conditions: ambient temperature: - 25 ℃ ~ 45 ℃, relative humidity ≤ 95%, vibration, impact and swing angle of transformer installation site ≤ 22.5 °, Inclination angle ≤ 15 ° There are condensation, oil mist, salt mist and mold.

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